Myelin Solutions

Myelin Solutions

From 2017 to 2020, we worked on developing a technology that focuses on collaboration and exchange in the field of autism.

When the coronavirus reached Canada in early 2020, we decided to face this pandemic by widening the scope of our technology from autism to neurodiversity and making it available to all.

To meet the needs of our clients, we currently offer two products:  Mylin et Synerpsy

Our values

Our team

Marc-Olivier Schüle

Co-founder / President

Marise Bonenfant

Co-founder / Co-president / CKO

Francois Menet

Co-founder / CTO

Geneviève Ouellette

Information professional

Iris Martinez

Front-end developer

Marie-Pier Lemay

Back-End Developer



Committee responsible for ensuring methodological rigor, transparency and data triangulation


Committee responsible for innovation, research and technology development


Committee responsible for ensuring that Mylin’s activities are carried out in an ethical manner, at all levels

Join us

Social network manager
Manage the various social networks of Myelin Solutions, Mylin and Synerpsy. Ensure good collaboration with our content partners. Knowledge of the psychosocial field is necessary to be able to meet the needs.
Work with the CEO and Marketing Manager on the sale of Synerpsy to organizations. Knowledge of the psychosocial field is required in order to be able to meet the needs.
Manage the lifecycle of the Myelin Solutions, Mylin and Synerpsy cloud infrastructure, including but not limited to the app stores

Spontaneous applications

Myelin Solutions is always growing and needs skills to develop. We want to build an inclusive, flexible and fulfilling environment. Do you recognize yourself in our values of rigor and transparency, diversity and inclusion, collaboration and co-creation and empowerment? Are you passionate about our cause? Write to us!

Send us your application to [email protected]