We offer a variety of coaching and training courses to share our expertise in the field of helping relationship technology.

Use technology to improve the efficiency of your mental health care

Myelin Solutions’ most popular training course now includes a consulting component!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the various members of the health and social services ecosystem have had to adapt to the accelerated digitization of many services. With Myelin Solutions at your side, take advantage of digitalization to improve the efficiency of your services!

Let’s work together to determine how best to support your healthcare professionals, management committees and users in the transition to a digital mental health care process.

Facilitate change management with co-construction

The digital transition of a service brings with it numerous constraints and challenges linked to resistance to change, the transition of information assets, but also the adaptation of people to solutions and solutions to people.

Myelin Solutions uses co-construction to reduce its time-to-production and increase customer satisfaction. Find out how co-construction can help you reduce user friction, lower the cost of adopting digital systems and accelerate the adoption of new technologies in your organization.

Stay agile when it comes to managing personal data

Between Europe’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and its provincial variants, as well as the various US FIPPs, personal data management laws are evolving rapidly. In addition to legal issues, there are also customer requirements, motivated by recent GAFAM data management scandals.

With this in mind, find out how Myelin can help you turn your digital data management into a competitive advantage, by helping you rethink the way your information systems manage data.

Startups: from prototype to production - coaching

For startup CTOs who want to understand
and rapid production of ideas to test them with customers, but also for those who want to understand the challenges of bringing innovative solutions to market, Myelin Solutions offers personalized support.

Artificial intelligence and mental health

This training course aims to provide an overview of the impact of new technologies in the field of mental health intervention.

  • Understand the new technologies used in intervention and the main technological fields under development (artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robots, chatbots, etc.).
  • Understand the concrete impact on our practice

Working remotely

This training course is designed to enable operators to carry out remote monitoring in an optimal and safe manner.

  • Use remote monitoring tools to promote evaluation practices and individualized intervention
  • Understanding the legal and ethical implications of teleconsultation tools
  • Implement a hybrid model of remote and in-person intervention

Going digital and privacy protection

This training course is designed to provide stakeholders with the tools they need to safely manage their digital shift.

  • Understand how private data is created, collected and used by common software applications
  • Identify the main risks and implement the necessary cybersecurity tools and practices
  • Master the main cybersecurity tools and their daily use