Products designed for you, with you

At Myelin Solutions, operations are based on our database, Kraken, which interacts with our products. It supports our mission of autonomous decision-making: what works, for whom?

What is it?

A platform for centralizing your patient data

  • All information in one place
  • A simplified platform for your customers
  • Facilitates communication within your organization and with your patients

What is our goal?

An empowering tool for your patients, led by your stakeholders.

  • Replace paper worksheets and observation grids for easier access
  • Easy tool sharing
  • Closely monitor patient goals and progress
  • Communication booklet
  • Customize the application to your needs

Who's it for?

  • Organizations specializing in physical and mental health, psycho-education, ergonomics, physiotherapy, etc.
  • Clinics, hospitals, schools, independent practitioners, etc.

What are our complementary services?

  • White labeling and interface customization.
  • Support in implementing the application in your environment and managing change.

What is it?

A collaborative mental health toolbox

  • Intervention techniques
  • The experience of the people involved
  • Scientific information in layman’s terms

and much more

What is our goal?

Building with you the largest knowledge base on mental health, well-being and personal fulfillment

Each of us has experience and expertise to share that can help someone else. That’s the idea behind Mylin.

Who's it for?

Mylin is for everyone!

  • Speakers
  • Parents
  • Nearby
  • Myself

What are our complementary services?

Order or create with us a thematic portal on the subject that’s closest to your heart.

We already have a portal on autism and dissociative identity disorder

What will yours be?

All our products are connected thanks to Kraken!


Kraken is the database at the heart of our operations. It represents the whole picture


Synerpsy application focuses on table columns It focuses on customer profiles

In this table, the second type of profile could benefit from the third proposed tool, but not from the others.


Mylin application focuses on board rows It focuses on tools

In this table, the first tool works for the first type of profile, but not for the others.