Working at Myelin Solutions

is the opportunity to be part of a whole. It means entering an environment that allows you to take on new challenges while building on your strengths and interests.

Mutual support, respect and benevolence are at the heart of our relationships, both within the company and with our customers.

Working at Myelin also means great freedom in terms of scheduling, privileged access to psychosocial services and a policy of disconnection outside working hours.

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Myelin Solutions is still growing and needs a variety of profiles and skills to continue to develop. We build an inclusive, flexible and fulfilling environment.

Do you recognize yourself in our values of resilience through solidarity, growth through enthusiasm, empowerment through knowledge and excellence through humility? Are you passionate about our cause? Please write to us!

Work with the CEO and Marketing Manager to sell Synerpsy to organizations. Knowledge of the psychosocial field required to meet needs.

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Would you like to join our team?

Please write to us!