Use technology to improve the efficiency of your health care

Myelin Solutions’ most popular training course now has a consulting component!

Within the framework of COVID-19, the various members of the Health and Social Services ecosystem have had to adapt to an accelerated digitalisation of several services. With Myelin Solutions by your side, take advantage of digitalization to improve the efficiency of your services.

Let’s take a look at how to help your healthcare professionals, your management committees and your users to transition to a digital care process in mental health.

Facilitate change management with co-construction

The digital transition of a service brings with it numerous constraints and challenges linked to resistance to change, the transition of information assets, but also the adaptation of people to solutions, and solutions to people.

Myelin Solutions uses co-construction to reduce its production time and increase customer satisfaction. Find out how co-construction can help you reduce user friction, lower the cost of adopting digital systems, and accelerate the adoption of new technologies in your organisation.

Restez agile sur la gestion des données personnelles

Between the European GDPR, the Canadian PIPEDA and its provincial variants, and the various American FIPPs, personal data management laws are evolving rapidly. In addition to legal issues, there are also customer requirements, driven by recent GAFAM data management scandals.

In this context, find out how Myelin can help you transform your digital data management from a point of risk to a competitive advantage, by helping you rethink the data management of your information system.

Startups: du prototype à la production - coaching​​

For CTOs of startups who want to understand the scaling and rapid production of ideas to test with customers, but also for those who want to understand the challenges of bringing innovative solutions to market, Myelin Solutions offers personalised coaching.

Nos consultants

Marc-Olivier Schüle

Co-founder / President

Marc-Olivier Schüle

Marc-Olivier Schüle is a PhD candidate in psychoeducation at the University of Montreal, specializing in evidence-based practices and knowledge transfer in psychosocial fields. He has dedicated his life to improving mental health services by bridging the gap between science and practice. He has been a speaker at the TEDx conference in Laval, and is one of the few people to have received the “Force Avenir” award twice

Expertise: knowledge transfer, evidence-based practice, mental health technology

Marise Bonenfant

Co-founder / Co-president / CKO

Marise Bonenfant

Marise Bonenfant is Myelin’s semantic technologies specialist. A student at the University of Montreal, she is pioneering a new field of study at the intersection of knowledge management, information science and artificial intelligence. Her work in the field of mental health includes designing new knowledge supply chains for patients, professionals and researchers. As Co-Chair and Head of Knowledge at Myelin, she aims to empower Myelin’s customers and staff by providing the right information, in the right way, at the right time.

Expertise: information retrieval, semantic web and ontologies, knowledge management and transfer

Francois Menet

Co-founder / CTO

François Menet

François Menet is a French computer scientist, specialized in AI security. After graduating from the École des Mines de Nancy, he completed his master’s degree at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. He is the inventor of spartan networks, deep neural networks that trade performance for robustness. Currently CTO of Myelin, he aims to develop new AI models to help science fight misinformation and bias, as well as next generation backends to bridge the gap between the latest machine learning models and existing web technologies.

Expertise: cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, technology development